Duvar Architecture

Our work begins with the outer boundaries that define a place: WALL!
Protective, distinctive, separator, splitter… Sometimes of thick stone, sometimes of thin fabric…
Then the tears appear on the wall, doors, windows, niches 
Followed by other building elements.
Then, a need for differentiation appears…
Afterwards is a well known bottomless pit!
Functionality (necessity) leads our way;
technology provides opportunities;
the right budget facilitates reaching the goal.
Knowledge couples with etiquette and becomes aesthetic.
And the result appears.
We first determine all this path, then plan it and walk together.

I think, both for people and for places, their most extraordinary and problematic conditions are actually what make them unique in this world. Correctly identify these conditions and revealing one’s true self, makes life flow like water in the places we complete, and is a success.  

Yours truly.
Asiye Cengiz


Founded in 1194, Wall Architecture has done many Architectural and Interior Design projects. Establishing Istanbul as the base; has done design and implementation work in Antalya, Marmaris, Bodrum, Assos and Çeşme, and conducted projects abroad in Germany and Moscow.

It does architectural and interior design and implementation of residents, offices, Technical Services and Education buildings particular to the aviation sector, hotels, restaurants and shops. It provides project management, technical supervision and consultancy services.